bokehlious! by Gauri V
bokehlious!, a photo by Gauri V on Flickr.

Madness of nifty fifty! While I am yet to decide between 50 mm and 35 mm, this borrowed lens gave me immense joy on a quiet afternoon at Jijamata Udyan, Byculla!

Veer Jijamata Udyan or Ranichi Baag as some of us might know, is situated at Byculla and it is one of the oldest parks in Mumbai. It opened in 1861 and it botanically one of the richest parks in Mumbai. It also houses a zoo and it is a favorite places for kids. The zoo is open all days except Wednesday but not beyond 5.30 pm.


कटाची आमटी – Katachi Amti

I made this today and it turned out to be really yummy! This recipe by Vaidehi is a good one!

I made slight changes to the proportions, contents and method to make it a bit simple.

कटाची आमटी

1/4th cup Toor dal
1/4th cup Chana dal
Both, soaked and pressure cooked and smashed.
3-4 pepper corns
2 lavang
1 small stick of cinnamon
1/2 tsp jeera
1/2 tej patta
2 tsp of dried coconut
All of above, slightly roasted in a pan and powdered.
Heal 2 tbsp oil and make a nice tadka with musturd, jeera, curry leaves, asafotida, turmeric, chilli powder (all of this as per your normal proportions). Keep the flame slow, add the above masala and give this some 5-10 seconds of heat. Add some maharashtrian goda masala if you like. I actually forgot to add it, but it still turned out to be good.
Now add smashed daal, tamarind pulp (2 tsp) and jaggery (size of small lemon). Let this boil, add fresh coconut, about 1 tsp salt. Decorate with some coriander leaves and done! It tastes amazing with hot, freshly made rice with a tea spoon of home made ghee on it! It tastes heavenly!


The original katachi amti is made purely from chana dal and is usually made when the popular sweet dish, puran poli is made. The idea is that while you make the chana dal stuffing for puran poli, you also can keep aside the smashed chana daal for your amti.